Sunday, November 9, 2008


halloween was a blast!!! I hung out with my duct tape buddies and my bud kate! we had a blast trick-or-treating and spending time at my house!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My amazing halloween cotume!!

So as you can see my costume is made out of duct tape! It is awesome!!!! i am absolutely syched about wearing it to school!!
well my friends are doing it with me!! this one is the longest. mine is the middle one and the next one is the shortest!!
well Sahara was not having the best time with this!!! hers is all crinkled but it is still awesome!!! wait till you see the back!!!!
Heres Effie being effie in her sick vest!!
As I said before, she is not the best at this and she left the back with a huge lump in it!!! It was the most hilarious moment we had making these!!

As you can see Im super duper excited for halloween!!! I cant wait!! We have had so much fun making them and we have such a good friendship that we get along so well! Go Duct

Tape Divas!!!

Cleaning the House!!

Here's the living room after I finished picking up all the junk and making the couch look nice.
Then there is the kitchen. I had to do all of the dishes, clean off the counter tops and remove all of the junk like random papers!!
Lastly, here is the laundry room.there were about 5 or 6 loads of laundry on the floor that I folded and I put in the washer im still waiting for the last two loads to be finished!!!

That took me a long time! jeezo, but i had fun and i was happy after it was all finished!!! my mom was sooo happy and i felt that there was so much more space!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


WOW! i havent blogged in forever! omgsh! well a lot has happened. i started school which is going good and i ummm well idk! i will write soon though! gotta go!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The highlights of the last few weeks!

Ok, so here is me and my crazy friends the day before school started. We all went all around our town to the thrift store the park and the pizza place! we had a blast!
We look like models huh? These are our posing pictures and in this picture were doing my favorite pose.
Well in this picture we are posed as killer flamingos! thats our name for our group. its a long story on how it all happened, but its pretty cool! My sunglasses and my friends ties are from the thrift store! one of my friends with the hat on wheres a tie everyday! its crazy but at least she dares to be different! oh, and her hat is inside out and she drew with marker all over it! it is super cool!
Here they are as they were leaving they were sad because we had such a fun time but we promised each other that we would do it again!
And last this is me and my brother the first or second day of school! pretty cool huh?

sorry, i havent written it 4ever! school started and it is going pretty good. i had my birthday and it was amazing. the day before school started i went all over bayfield with my best friends and it was so fun! th

These last few weeks have been a lot of fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

my amazing creation!

these pictures are of my amazing duck tape backpack that i am going to use for school! it is so cool!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Finally! a little bit longer is out! ive been waiting counting down the days! hopefully i get it for my b-day! sorry i dont have a picture but i will have pictures from my b-day party!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our trip to Creede

Soooooooo, we decided to go to lake city with my grandpa when he came so we set out to go when we realized that it was 1 1/2 hours away from where we were at the time and we had been driving for about 2 hours! creede was the closest city to us so we decided to go there instead! we had a blast! hope you like the pictures!
In creede the have a huge old mine so they turned it into a tour place. We took this picture in their gift shop! cute, huh?
This was the exit from the tour! it was so dark and creepy in there!
This is the main section of creede. it was tiny! there were tons of cars and little shops though!this is the fire department! it was inside the mine! it was crazy!

about half way there we stoped to strech our legs and look at a little creek. It was FREEZING! it was like 45 degrees! my little brother didnt have a coat so i let him use mine!
isnt this an awesome picture! i love it this was near the creek. I look all lit up because it was so bright!
when we got to creede we went to this restaraunt called the firhouse. i thought it was gross but we had a good time.

so your probably wondering what is a fat guy doing in her pictures, well in a city near us in front of rocky mountain chocolate factory they have this bear and it sits excactly the same way as this man and is exactly the same size. my brother pointed it out to me and i couldnt stop laughing! It was the best!

i hope you loved the pics! we had a really fun time and we got to do a lot with our grandpa! hope you loved it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

finally some veggies!

My zucchini and squash are finally getting ripe! they were ripe a while ago but how was i supposed to know that! he he! there are still tons that are almost ripe and theres tons of cucumbers!

Dont i look amazing in these next 3 pictures? skill!

And heres my corn that is huge and almost ready to pick too! yeah!

Im super excited to eat them for dinner! ill show pics of that too! Ive got skillage! he he!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

my day with kate!

Dont we look amazing! these are our model shots! We did these this morning!

Me and kate got to babysit. We cooked adelicous smore pizza and danced!

While my parents were gone we watched movies then did the dishes. Even though cooling isnt fun, when you jam out to music with a friend it can be a blast!

We had such a fun sleepover! cooking, dancing and posing!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun with friends!

So, one of my friends came up to visit her grandma and like every time she comes up we have our annual sleepover with some of our other friends. This year it was with me, my friend from denver and my bud sahara. We slept out in saharas trailerand it was a blast. Before we went to bed we had a glow it the dark volley ball game! we took glow sticks cut them and then splattered them all over our clothes, the ball and the net. It was so fun! we then went to the trailer and talked, played games and watched movies. By 1:00 we were all pretty hungry and we decided to get ice cream. Her mom said we couldnt have sweets earlier but we decided to get some any way. Sahara went to get the ice cream and me and my friend from denver stayed behind the couch. We were kind of nervous somebody would think we were burglars and sure enough somebody did! me and makayla my friend from denverheard a door open and we thought at first we thought it was her sister going to the bathroom. It turned out to be my friends big brother with a lightsaber thinking we were burglars ready to whack us! luckily sahara came out of her parents room to stop him from hitting us. He thenwas like what are you ding in here its 1:00 in the morning! we kind of laughed and then explained. Afterwards he went to bed and we got our ice cream! it was sooooooo fun i cant wait for makayla to come back again! Sorry theres no pictures!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nicole, Kaeli, and Me!

These are pictures of me and my best friends nicole and kaeli. I havent seen nicole in 2 years! She moved in 5th grade and is visiting for the first time!These are pictures of us when we were 7 years old! Im in the black, nicoles in the green and kaeli is in the red!

And here we are now! hanging out before nicole leaves! She was only here for 3 days because she lives 17 hours away! kaeli moved too but shes 20 min. away but she goes to a different church and school.

Hope you love the pics of us then and now! i miss them soooooooooooo much! Their my best buds!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My adventure with grandma and grandpa!

This is my grandma pushing my little brother at the park!

Turner loves to swim and he cant do it without his goggles! He was practicing swimming to the bottom to get a little plastic stick!
heres conner ready to go back to grandma and grandpas!
Heres my littlest brother drying off just so he can jump right back in!

heres my brother and my grandpa and I at the park before we got to go swimming!
where my grandparents stayed there was a lake right behind them. these geese would come and eat the grass right by their door! it was awesome!
Heres landy pandy at the pool getting ready to swim!
This is my mom and by brotehr swinging at the park.
Heres me swimming waiting for conner to jump in! The water wasnt that deep so you could walk it almost everywhere. my little brothers loved it!

Hope you loved the pics of us this last week! We had a bunch of fun!