Saturday, August 2, 2008

my day with kate!

Dont we look amazing! these are our model shots! We did these this morning!

Me and kate got to babysit. We cooked adelicous smore pizza and danced!

While my parents were gone we watched movies then did the dishes. Even though cooling isnt fun, when you jam out to music with a friend it can be a blast!

We had such a fun sleepover! cooking, dancing and posing!


Half of the Style Sisters said...

oooh Elli! You and your friend look hot!! I love the cute model photos. How fun to have a good friend like that that you can hang out do chores babysit but make it soo much fun!

I love you to pieces!

Aunt Ree Ree

Joan said...

Is that really my "little" grandaughter that used to ask for shower baths on the lawn at 10:00 p.m.? You are just too beautiful and talented. And I am so happy you have kate for a good friend. She is so darling.

Love and kisses, Grandma