Tuesday, August 5, 2008

finally some veggies!

My zucchini and squash are finally getting ripe! they were ripe a while ago but how was i supposed to know that! he he! there are still tons that are almost ripe and theres tons of cucumbers!

Dont i look amazing in these next 3 pictures? skill!

And heres my corn that is huge and almost ready to pick too! yeah!

Im super excited to eat them for dinner! ill show pics of that too! Ive got skillage! he he!


Half of the Style Sisters said...

Oh Elli...I am so jealous! I got nothing out of my garden this year except some lime green cucumbers and lots of Basil! No tomatoes or zucchini! Send me some zucchini

Love Aunt Ree Ree

Wendy said...

Yum! Do you share with your neighbors???

Madeline & Peter said...

Ok I think you need to send some of your veggies to your poor pregnant cousin who hasn't eaten fresh veggies in weeks! (mostly because they sounded really gross at the time) But yours look SO good! And corn, I basically live off corn and potatoes and Mac and Cheese. But you can keep your corn just send the greens!

You are just the cutest ever! Miss you! I am trying to convince Peter that we need a quick trip out there to visit you guys and take your family pictures that I forgot to do... Oops! I will keep you updated.