Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break!!!!

I love This kid!!!

Silly Kashea!!

Tommy and Kashea

grandparents and the granddaughters

Mom n' dad

us and grandma

Baby Ella! (upsidedown)

Moms old house!


us at the restaraunt

On the ferry...

Mine and Conners AWESOME sandcastle that kept getting demolished!!! Stupid waves!

Me N' Daddy


The ordinary picture of us playing at the beach!!! fun fun!

Me SUPER excited to be at the beach again! I love that place!

Runnin into the waves!

A beautiful ocean shot!

Us being awesome in front of an aquarium sign!!!

FLAMINGO VALLEY! whooooo! flamingos rock! they are so flippin cool!

An awesome dolphin at the dolphin show!

The boys in front of shamu's tank!

SICK penguins!

SHAMU BABY!!! He was breakdancing out of the water on the sidewalk! it was SICK!

YEAHHHHHH! This was soooo cool! he was flipping all over the place!

OH YEAHHH another great shot!

ok ok, yeah I was scared of the sting rays!!! I swear they were trying to eat me! They stayed under the water for everyone to touch them but not for me!!! one came OUT of the water and onto the outside rim of the pool right in front of me!!! I WAS FREAKING OUT!!!

This was a creepy sting ray that wanted to eat me too!!!

WOW what a crazy spring break! We had a blast and we got to do soooo much! sure there were a bunch of crazy people waddling around but it was super fun!