Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our trip to Creede

Soooooooo, we decided to go to lake city with my grandpa when he came so we set out to go when we realized that it was 1 1/2 hours away from where we were at the time and we had been driving for about 2 hours! creede was the closest city to us so we decided to go there instead! we had a blast! hope you like the pictures!
In creede the have a huge old mine so they turned it into a tour place. We took this picture in their gift shop! cute, huh?
This was the exit from the tour! it was so dark and creepy in there!
This is the main section of creede. it was tiny! there were tons of cars and little shops though!this is the fire department! it was inside the mine! it was crazy!

about half way there we stoped to strech our legs and look at a little creek. It was FREEZING! it was like 45 degrees! my little brother didnt have a coat so i let him use mine!
isnt this an awesome picture! i love it this was near the creek. I look all lit up because it was so bright!
when we got to creede we went to this restaraunt called the firhouse. i thought it was gross but we had a good time.

so your probably wondering what is a fat guy doing in her pictures, well in a city near us in front of rocky mountain chocolate factory they have this bear and it sits excactly the same way as this man and is exactly the same size. my brother pointed it out to me and i couldnt stop laughing! It was the best!

i hope you loved the pics! we had a really fun time and we got to do a lot with our grandpa! hope you loved it!


Half of the Style Sisters said...

OH my gosh the picture of the heavy set guy and the resemblance to the bear at rocky mountain chocolate factory is hysterical!! Eli I love all the photos and reading about all the fun things you are doing. Keep it up. Give everyone a big hug and a kiss from Aunt Ree and Uncle Mike and Emmysue! We miss all y'alls!