Saturday, August 30, 2008

The highlights of the last few weeks!

Ok, so here is me and my crazy friends the day before school started. We all went all around our town to the thrift store the park and the pizza place! we had a blast!
We look like models huh? These are our posing pictures and in this picture were doing my favorite pose.
Well in this picture we are posed as killer flamingos! thats our name for our group. its a long story on how it all happened, but its pretty cool! My sunglasses and my friends ties are from the thrift store! one of my friends with the hat on wheres a tie everyday! its crazy but at least she dares to be different! oh, and her hat is inside out and she drew with marker all over it! it is super cool!
Here they are as they were leaving they were sad because we had such a fun time but we promised each other that we would do it again!
And last this is me and my brother the first or second day of school! pretty cool huh?

sorry, i havent written it 4ever! school started and it is going pretty good. i had my birthday and it was amazing. the day before school started i went all over bayfield with my best friends and it was so fun! th

These last few weeks have been a lot of fun!


fourlittleloves said...

My sweet Lel! You are doing so good on your blog! I love it my sweets!

Madeline & Peter said...

Hot Elli, you just crack me up! I love coming and reading your blog. It looks like you are having so much fun with your friends - I remember what it was like in Middle School for me and I loved it when my friends would come over and we would be just crazy! Those times are the best!

Well I am 17 weeks along, that is 4 months! My baby is now the size of a turnip and the heartbeat we hear at the doctors office sounds like a dog! Haha.

Peter wants to call if (if it is a boy...) Spiff because Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs calls himself Spaceman Spiff. Oh brother...

Joan said...

My sweet Elli,

Oh how I miss you and your brothers. It is not fair that you are still in Co. and I am here. I just remember how much fun we all had when you lived with us and we gathered the eggs, raked all the leaves and jumped in them, played games and cooked stuff. We did have a wonderful time didn't we? Please come and see me soon. I love you to pieces! Grandma