Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun with friends!

So, one of my friends came up to visit her grandma and like every time she comes up we have our annual sleepover with some of our other friends. This year it was with me, my friend from denver and my bud sahara. We slept out in saharas trailerand it was a blast. Before we went to bed we had a glow it the dark volley ball game! we took glow sticks cut them and then splattered them all over our clothes, the ball and the net. It was so fun! we then went to the trailer and talked, played games and watched movies. By 1:00 we were all pretty hungry and we decided to get ice cream. Her mom said we couldnt have sweets earlier but we decided to get some any way. Sahara went to get the ice cream and me and my friend from denver stayed behind the couch. We were kind of nervous somebody would think we were burglars and sure enough somebody did! me and makayla my friend from denverheard a door open and we thought at first we thought it was her sister going to the bathroom. It turned out to be my friends big brother with a lightsaber thinking we were burglars ready to whack us! luckily sahara came out of her parents room to stop him from hitting us. He thenwas like what are you ding in here its 1:00 in the morning! we kind of laughed and then explained. Afterwards he went to bed and we got our ice cream! it was sooooooo fun i cant wait for makayla to come back again! Sorry theres no pictures!