Thursday, July 24, 2008

My adventure with grandma and grandpa!

This is my grandma pushing my little brother at the park!

Turner loves to swim and he cant do it without his goggles! He was practicing swimming to the bottom to get a little plastic stick!
heres conner ready to go back to grandma and grandpas!
Heres my littlest brother drying off just so he can jump right back in!

heres my brother and my grandpa and I at the park before we got to go swimming!
where my grandparents stayed there was a lake right behind them. these geese would come and eat the grass right by their door! it was awesome!
Heres landy pandy at the pool getting ready to swim!
This is my mom and by brotehr swinging at the park.
Heres me swimming waiting for conner to jump in! The water wasnt that deep so you could walk it almost everywhere. my little brothers loved it!

Hope you loved the pics of us this last week! We had a bunch of fun!


Emily said...

ELLI! you guys look like your having so much fun!i wish i could've been there. miss all of you tons!! love emmy-sue

Joan said...

Hi lovey,

I loved all the pics from your visit with Grandpa Tom and Granda Lettie. It was wonderful that you got to spend time with them. Have I told you, in the last week, how wonderful you are and how much I love your blog. You are just like your mom. Wish you were here to help with all the fruit canning. There is truck loads to do.
Love you bunches, Grandma

Joan said...

It's grandma again,

After all these years you would think that I would be smart enough to double check my spelling before hitting the "send" button. try...Grandma Lettie and There ARE truck loads to do. Oh well, you love me any way, right?