Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I love my guitar!

Dont i look amazing in this picture ready to rock along with the jonas brothers! HEE HEE!

So now that i have my guitar it is awesome to learn how to play! its tough at times but i hope that i will get the hang of it eventually! FUN! i cant wait to learn how to play songs!


Karinbob said...

You Rock Girl!! Those are the cutest photos of you with your new hot guitar!! Love it!

The Style Sisters said...

Your guitar is so cute I love the color pink. You will have to play it for me when we get there. I love your blog....my mom keeps bugging me to make one too.

Love, Emmy-Sue

Madeline & Peter said...

Holy smokin' Elli! That is one sweet guitar. You look so old now it is seriously blowing my mind!!! I also must say that those pictures of the flowers you took are incredible! You are way more talented than I am. Who taught you how to take such good pictures like that?

Can't even hardly wait for you to get here!!!

Oh and Ps. Peter and I want to name our baby (if it is a girl) Ella, after Ella Fitzgerald! Don't you love it.