Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of july!

These pictures are of the fireworks that night! they remind me of confetti! but they are so cool to see!

This forth of july we had tons of fun! My best friend Kaeli and her family came for the parade and the fireworks! fun! hope you like the pics!

The picture of the girls in the little skirts is the softball team! one of the girls from our church is in it. Shes the tallest one and is on a team of like 5th graeders and shes going into 9th grade!!!!!!


The Style Sisters said...

I love the firework photos!! I tried to take some on the 4th of July but uncle Mike's phone camera is just not that powerful and I forgot to bring my camera. Keep taking great pics!! You and Mad will be famous photographers!!

Love ya,
Aunt Ree Ree