Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nicole, Kaeli, and Me!

These are pictures of me and my best friends nicole and kaeli. I havent seen nicole in 2 years! She moved in 5th grade and is visiting for the first time!These are pictures of us when we were 7 years old! Im in the black, nicoles in the green and kaeli is in the red!

And here we are now! hanging out before nicole leaves! She was only here for 3 days because she lives 17 hours away! kaeli moved too but shes 20 min. away but she goes to a different church and school.

Hope you love the pics of us then and now! i miss them soooooooooooo much! Their my best buds!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My adventure with grandma and grandpa!

This is my grandma pushing my little brother at the park!

Turner loves to swim and he cant do it without his goggles! He was practicing swimming to the bottom to get a little plastic stick!
heres conner ready to go back to grandma and grandpas!
Heres my littlest brother drying off just so he can jump right back in!

heres my brother and my grandpa and I at the park before we got to go swimming!
where my grandparents stayed there was a lake right behind them. these geese would come and eat the grass right by their door! it was awesome!
Heres landy pandy at the pool getting ready to swim!
This is my mom and by brotehr swinging at the park.
Heres me swimming waiting for conner to jump in! The water wasnt that deep so you could walk it almost everywhere. my little brothers loved it!

Hope you loved the pics of us this last week! We had a bunch of fun!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Re arranging my room!

I re-did my closet and color coded my shirts to make them easier to find!
I also organized my jewelry and makup stuff!
Heres my music section of my room!
This is my corkboard full of my ribons, sport photos, calendars, rminders, and inspiring posters!
Heres my book shelf with my tv, dvds, bookes, and electronics.

Friday, July 18, 2008


My pictures got all mixed up but heres some pics from the drive home!
This is my cousin reading her book to make the time seem shorter.
here are my silly brothers in the back seat pretty bored ready to be home!
Heres my aunt being silly and also being ready to get home!
HEres me listening to my ipod and just like the others ready for our 8 hour drive to be over!

These are some pictures of my family when we got together for the big b-day party for my aunt and cousin!
One night we all decided to take silly pictures! my mom looks like shes going to explode of laughter! we were all supposed to be puffing our cheeks out but mine and my grandmas deflated befor the picture was taken!

Here are some pics from the play high school musical!

The first day we set of to get pedicures at the da~vi nails. We had so muck fun that we decided to get manicures too!
We went to go see the play high school musical. It was directed by a man that went to live with my cousins that we visited who already had 10 people living there.(my aunt and uncle with their 8 kids) now hes pretty muck like a cousin to us! My cousin above played the glamorous sharpay evans and my other cousin was an announcer guy! They were perfectly casted!

Hope that you loved the pics of my exciting St.George trip! Ill write soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The roadside park!

These pictures were taken at this little stream near our house that we can go down with tubes! we normally get a huge group and go down. we always have a blast! this time we just went with our family and it was fun anyway!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I love my guitar!

Dont i look amazing in this picture ready to rock along with the jonas brothers! HEE HEE!

So now that i have my guitar it is awesome to learn how to play! its tough at times but i hope that i will get the hang of it eventually! FUN! i cant wait to learn how to play songs!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of july!

These pictures are of the fireworks that night! they remind me of confetti! but they are so cool to see!

This forth of july we had tons of fun! My best friend Kaeli and her family came for the parade and the fireworks! fun! hope you like the pics!

The picture of the girls in the little skirts is the softball team! one of the girls from our church is in it. Shes the tallest one and is on a team of like 5th graeders and shes going into 9th grade!!!!!!

Here are some flower pics!

These are some pictures i took of some flowers we have in our yard. i love to take pictures of them! my mom wants to frame them and put them in my room! fun! huh?