Sunday, October 19, 2008

My amazing halloween cotume!!

So as you can see my costume is made out of duct tape! It is awesome!!!! i am absolutely syched about wearing it to school!!
well my friends are doing it with me!! this one is the longest. mine is the middle one and the next one is the shortest!!
well Sahara was not having the best time with this!!! hers is all crinkled but it is still awesome!!! wait till you see the back!!!!
Heres Effie being effie in her sick vest!!
As I said before, she is not the best at this and she left the back with a huge lump in it!!! It was the most hilarious moment we had making these!!

As you can see Im super duper excited for halloween!!! I cant wait!! We have had so much fun making them and we have such a good friendship that we get along so well! Go Duct

Tape Divas!!!


Half of the Style Sisters said...

How fun are you girls!! I love your costumes. How did you figure out how to make them out of duck tape!! Wow you are so creative

Madeline & Peter said...

Hey Elli - I can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving!

I awarded you a blog award so head over to my Newly Nesting Blog to claim you award!

Love you lots!